Nuclear power plants in the neighborhood

Within 1.000 km from the Croatian national territory, that is, from its biggest population-centers (Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Rijeka) there are 40 operational nuclear power plants (NPPs) containing 89 power reactors (1 to 4 reactor units per plant). Reactors differ in power, age and technology.


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Considering the technology, 64 reactors have been manufactured in the Western-European countries, the United States and Canada. The other 25 reactors have been produced in the former Eastern-block countries. The first group consists of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs), Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs), Heavy Water Reactors (HWRs) and Fast Breeding Reactors (FBRs). All of the reactors in the second group are Pressurized Water Reactors of the Eastern-European type (Vodo Vodnoy Energeticharskiy Reactor - VVER).

Closest to the territory of the Republic of Croatia are Krško NPP (PWR, 707 MW, Slovenia) and Paks NPP (VVER, 3x460 + 1x470 MW, Hungary). Krško NPP is situated 10,6 km from the Croatian border, and Paks NPP 74,1 km. Samobor is 22 km, Zaprešic 24 km, and Zagreb 38 km from Krško NPP to the south-east. Beli Manastir and Osijek are 90 and 120 km away respectfully from Paks NPP to the south.



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