Early warning system

The State Office for Nuclear Safety operates the Croatian Early Warning System (CEWS). CEWS is important component of the national nuclear emergency preparedness system. It is capable of raising the alarm in the case of significant increase of the radioactivity in the environment. In addition, it provides the input for dose assessments for the population. In case of an accident, the data gathered with CEWS would be primarily used by the members of the Technical Support Center.

CEWS consists of 33 measuring stations and the central unit where the data is collected, analyzed and stored. Each station continuously monitors ambient gamma dose rate. At two stations radionuclide concentrations in the atmosphere and certain meteorological parameters are also measured. The data from the measurement stations is fed back to the central unit after each measuring cycle. If elevated radiation levels are detected, an alarm system is automatically triggered and measurement data is examined by the SONS duty officer.

The map below shows the locations of all measuring stations belonging to the CEWS. Colors on the station markers provide the information about the gamma dose rate hourly averages for the last available measurement interval. Click on a station marker to get more information.

All measurement results gathered with CEWS are continuously sent to the EURDEP system managed by the European Commission.

EURDEP is a system for the exchange of the radiological monitoring data in which the majority of the European countries is participating. Besides EURDEP, measurement results are exchanged with Slovenia and Hungary based on bilateral agreements covering assistance in the field of nuclear emergency preparedness.

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